First FOT-Net Data workshop on data re-use, Barcelona, 16-17 December 2014

FOT-Net Data Workshop on FOT Data re-use
16-17  December 2014 
UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) Barcelona (Spain)

The first FOT-Net Data workshop on data re-use took place on 16-17 December 2014 in Barcelona.

The workshop focused on different projects and their methods for re-using data. In interactive break-out groups, the participants had the opportunity to look into data samples from several projects and evaluate how easy or difficult the collected datasets can be understood.

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Tuesday, 16th December 2014
Overview of the workshop Haibo Chen (University of Leeds)  01.pdf
FOT-Net Data introduction Sami Koskinen (VTT)  02.pdf
Introduction to the current status of FOT methodology and FESTA handbook Yvonne Barnard (ERTICO)  03.pdf
Introduction on WP5 – FOT Methodology and this workshop Haibo Chen (Leeds)  04.pdf
“What are the main issues with data re-use?” Adrian Zlocki (IKA)  05.pdf
DRIVE C2X: introduction and its approaches to data re-use:

  • The analyst’s view
  • The test site’s view
  • French case
  • Satu Innamaa (VTT)
  • Marta Miranda (CTAG)
  • Laurette Guyonvarch (PSA)
EUDAT: project introduction and its approaches to data re-use Damien Lecarpentier (CSC)  09.pdf
Compass4D / SISCOGA: intorduction and its approaches to data re-use Moises Martinez (CTAG)  10.pdf
Data re-use exercise: breakouts analysing and testing (and/or perhaps rating) data samples from the projects
Reporting on exercise results and open discussion on how easy data can be re-used Chaired byClement Ceesar (VAL)
Wednesday, 17th December 2014
Recap of Day-1 outcomes Adrian Zlocki (IKA)
Data Re-use: US Perspective Ram Kandarpa (BAH)  11.pdf
Welcome and introduction to BSC David Vicente (BSC)  12.pdf
Guided visit to BSC
TRAFISAFE: introduction and its approaches to data re-use Sami Koskinen (VTT)  13.pd.
smartCEM: introduction and its approaches to data re-use Josep Laborda (RACC) 14.pdf
PhD project: Updated braking forces for the assessment of road bridges. Case study of re-use of FOT data Joao Martins (Empa)  15.pdf