FESTA Webinar: Data bases, data analysis and hypotheses testing, 20 May 2015

The objective of this webinar was to transfer knowledge about the FESTA methodology for designing and conducting Field Operational Tests, with a focus on databases, data analysis and hypothesis testing.

The webinar was led by Felix Fahrenkrog (Aachen University) and moderated by Haibo Chen (Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds).

The supporting document of this webinar is the FESTA handbook, which establishes the process to guarantee coherence and quality across the whole research process.

Among the different recommendations extracted from the FESTA methodology and explained in the webinar are, for example:

– Check whether the selected data sets and data analysis are feasible before starting the FOT

– When building a database, dedicate a column in the table to each specific measure

– Video data analysis is generally quiet time and resource consuming. When using these resources, store them on a dedicated place using links

– Real-time data synchronization is mandatory

– Whenever possible, do the required calculations in the data processing phase before transferring the data into the database

– Undertake quality checks of both the measured data and the calculated data (interpolating, derived measures, indicators, etc.) as the quality of results will depend on the quality of data.

Download the introduction from Haibo Chen

Download the presentation from Felix Fahrenkrog