Book chapter: “Data Management and Data Sharing in Field Operational Tests”

Yvonne Barnard, Sami Koskinen, Satu Innamaa, , Helena Gellerman, Erik Svanberg, Adrian Zlocki and Haibo Chen (2016). Data Management and Data Sharing in Field Operational Tests. In: P. Pagano (Ed.) Intelligent Transportation Systems: From Good Practices to Standards. Chapter 3, p. 59-72.

Chapter 3:_Data Management and Data Sharing in Field Operational Tests

In this chapter it will be discussed how data from Field Operational Tests
of Intelligent Transport Systems can be managed and shared. The Field
Operational Tests, where hundreds of users get to experience the latest
systems, aim to assess the impacts that would result from a wide-scale
implementation. Evaluation principles of Field Operational Tests will be
explained, and a closer look will be taken at the data that is collected for
carrying out the assessments. The widely used FESTA methodology for
designing and conducting Field Operational Tests and Naturalistic Driving
Studies already provides several recommendations for managing data. This
methodology will be discussed and illustrated by examples of its use in
European projects. As field test projects set out to collect a huge set of data,
the projects themselves do not usually have the scope or the resources to
analyze the data from every perspective. Therefore re-use of the collected
data also by other projects with different research questions has the potential
to generate a wealth of new knowledge about what is happening in the
interactions between drivers, vehicles and the infrastructure. Data sharing
is the focus of a European support action, FOT-Net Data. The support
action is working, with international collaboration, to form a data sharing
framework, a data catalogue, and provide detailed recommendations for
sharing and re-use. Outcomes from this activity will be discussed. Ways of
sharing different types of data will be described, including the necessary
steps to be taken to open up the data.