Data Sharing

Working group leader:

John-Fredrik Grönvall, Volvo Cars, Email

Helena Gellerman, SAFER, Email  

 The data sharing report can be downloaded from here

 Activities, planning, results, meetings:





Result (milestone)*

1. Collect previous work on data sharing WG leader June 2012  Direct contact with projects, FOTNET Coordination Day in May Report compiling existing data sharing principles
2. Select and invite core group and make list of other members WG leader March 2012 List of members
3. First meeting to define data sharing scope Core group Spring 2012 Telco Definition of scope
4.  Identify possible  data sharing principles Core group+ other members Summer 2012 Telcos and e-mail lists First overview of data sharing principles
5. Presentation of draft data sharing principles WG leader and all stakeholders Oct/Nov 2012 FOT-Net International Workshop (Vienna) and Seminar Comments on data sharing principles
6. Suggest common data sharing principles Core group+ other members May 2013 Telco, webinar, mail First version of data sharing principles
7. Resolving  remaining issues Core group + other members August 2013 Telco, webinar,  meeting at conferences Final version of data sharing principles.
8. Dissemination of results WG leader Oct 2013 FOT-Net International Workshop Awareness of FOTNET data principles
9. Final delivery of data sharing principles Core group Fall 2013 Stakeholders meeting in FOT-net2 Summary of stakeholder’s view on data sharing issues that has to be addressed in future FOT projects, reported in a stakeholders meeting. Resolved issues should be included in the revised FESTA handbook.


*Additional milestones are status reports and stakeholder meetings and international workshops in M15, M21, M23, M34 and M35.


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