Events and Incident Definition, webinar 3 September 2013

Working group leader:

Mikael Ljung Aust, Chalmers, Email


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Tuesday 3 September 2013, 16:00-17:00


The WG on Crash Relevant Event definitions allows stakeholders to share and discuss experiences from past and current European and national Field Operational Tests (FOTs) in order to achieve commonly agreed positions on the topic of how to define Crash Relevant Events that are useful for assessing the influence of driver behaviours and in-vehicle safety systems on crash risk.

With this webinar Mikael Ljung Aust from Volvo Cars (leader of the WG) gave an update on the WG on Crash Relevant Event definitions activities. The following topics were discussed in the webinar:

  • Work progress in 2011 – 2013
  • Current WG status; starting with a review of the topic background and then presenting and discussing the contents of the intermediate report (which will be sent out to webinar participants one week before the webinar)
  • Future plans for remainder of 2013; the key issue being what is most useful to have in the updated FESTA handbook
  • Questions and discussion

Special emphasis was put on the more fundamental challenges that approach to defining Crash Relevant Events in such a way that NDS/FOT results become generalisable.



Mikael Ljung Aust, PhD, Driver Behaviour Specialist, Volvo Car Corporation



Yvonne Barnard, Project Manager, ERTICO – ITS Europe

WG Participants:

A core group will be invited directly, other members will be invited through mailing lists.

 Activities, planning, results, meetings:





Result (milestone)*

1. Collect previous work on events and incidents definition WG leader Beginning of March 2012 Report compiling existing incident and event definitions
 2. Select and invite core group and make list of other members WG leader End of March 2012 Physical or telco/ webinar List of members in core group
3. Brainstorming by inviting to an open meeting for input on the topic Core group Spring 2012 Physical or telco/ webinar
4. Identification of specific items that need to be worked on, and have different categories of people give input on them Core group and other members Summer 2012 Telcos and meetings in conjunction with conferences List of targeted items
5. Write a draft report on how to improve event and incident definitions in NDS/FOT studies WG leader and core group September 2012 Webinars, FOTNET international workshop 2012 Draft proposal
6. Arrange for discussion of,  and feedback on, the draft proposal Core group and other members October / November 2012  Webinar & FOTNET international workshop 2012
7. Update draft proposal based on feedback from webinar and workshop WG leader February 2013 Updated proposal
8. Arrange for discussion of, and feedback on, updated proposal WG leader and core group April 2013 Webinar, meetings in conjunction with other conferences
9. Finalize the proposal for a FESTA handbook update, including identification of  issues needing research to be properly addressed WG leader Q3 2013 Report on the new suggested event and incident definitions including recommendations for focused research on remaining issues


*Additional milestones are status reports and stakeholder meetings and international workshops in M15, M21, M23, M34 and M35.


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