First Stakeholders Meeting, Brussels, 25 September 2008

First Stakeholder Meeting

Date: 25 September 2008

Place: Brussels, Fondation Universitaire

Download agenda:  .pdf (125 KB)
Dowlnoad list of participants:  .pdf (32 KB)
Download report:  .pdf (126.5 KB)
Download presentations:
Introduction to FOT-Net Maxime Flament ERTICO- ITS Europe  .pdf(1423 KB)
The FESTA methodology: focus on results of FOTs Oliver CarstenUniversity of Leeds  .pdf(576 KB)
The FOT-Net Seminars: further exploration of the FESTA recommendations: practical issues arising when organising an FOT Han ZwijnenbergTNO  .pdf(1008 KB)
Lessons learnt from other national FOTs: smart vehicles and cooperative systems, some Dutch experiences Gerben Bootsma Rijkswaterstraat  .pdf(9865 KB)
Lessons learnt from other national FOTs:  the SemiFOT project Trent VictorSAFER/Chalmers  .pdf(1893 KB)
Challenges of nomadic device FOTs: TeleFOT status and needs for cooperation Petri MononenVTT  .pdf(908 KB)
Challenges of ADAS FOTs: EuroFOT status and needs for cooperation Aria EtemadFord Research Centre  .pdf(1990 KB)