FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting on Data sharing activities – 8 March 2016

Venue: Leopold Hotel, Rue du Luxembourg 35, Brussels

Date: 8 March 2016

About 30 participants met to discuss data sharing in Field Operational Tests focusing on the current data sharing activities and opportunities. FOT-Net Data support data sharing and reuse, both in existing projects and in new projects in the Horizon 2020 programme focusing on automation pilots. The international collaboration with the US-DOT in this field was also discussed.

The meeting  addressed three main topics:

– FOT-Net Data work on the data sharing platform and the data catalogue to support data sharing activities

– Practices and initiatives in data sharing in the US and Europe

– Data sharing aspects related to the upcoming pilots on vehicle automation

Download the full report here.


10:00 Opening and introduction on FOT-Net Data
  • Sami Koskinen (VTT), project coordinator FOT-Net Data: download presentation
  • Anne Deltour, European Commission, DG Connect
10:20 Big Data Europe project as opportunity for pilot implementation
 10:40  ITS Observatory portal: fostering collaboration for ITS
10:50 Update on the FOT-Net Data Sharing Framework: Practical example of FOT-NET data set and what can be done with it
11:20 UDRIVE: plan and reuse of data (research questions addressed and plans for the reuse of data)
11:40 Data sharing approaches and activities in the US
12:00  FOT Data Catalogue
13:15 Open data: European Open Science Cloud for Research (EUDAT)
13:35 Platforms for data sharing, data analytics and data visualization
13:55 Lessons learnt from past experiences: how available data can be used?

Project experiences: Compass 4D, C-ITS corridor (EU C-ITS Corridor is ECo_AT)


 14:35  Experiences from current project: NordicWay
14:55 An industry prospective on data sharing
  • Ahmed Nasr (HERE)
15:30 Towards pilots for automation: new  methodology needs
15:45 Evaluation of pilots for automated vehicles: international collaboration
16:00 Current activities (e.g. DriveME, AdaptiVe): need and challenges for data collection
 16:30  Conclusions and wrap-up Maxime Flament (ERTICO – ITS Europe) and Sami Koskinen (VTT)