FOT-Net Seminar Israel (Herzlia, 22-23 June 2010)

FOT-Net Seminar in Israel on June 22nd and 23rd


On June 22nd and 23rd 2010 a FOT-Net seminar was organized in Herzlia, Israel, on invitation from ITS Israel (an associated partner in FOT-Net) and in collaboration with ILTAM. The objective of this seminar was to make Israeli traffic and transport experts acquainted with the FESTA methodology and the European work on Field Operational Tests, and to strengthen the relations between FOT-Net and Israel.

The seminar included various topics. The central issues were: the work going on in FOT-Net, the FESTA methodology, research questions, hypotheses and performance indicators, data acquisition and data management, study design, real-life experiences from FOTs, stakeholder analysis, scaling up of the results and impact, and simulation. In dealing with these issues the seminar combined plenary presentations and interactive working sessions.

Around 25 participants from Israel from different stakeholder groups attended the seminar. The participants contributed very actively, and discussions in the small groups were animated. Participants were especially interested in the experiences from European FOTs.

Presentations, report and background information are now available for download:

•    Seminar report  .pdf (141.2 KB)
•    Introduction to FOT-Net and FESTA  .pdf (1.6 MB)
•    Hypothesis formulation .pdf (143.5 KB)
•    Data acquisition  .pdf (575.8 KB)
•    Study design  .pdf (657.6 KB)
•    The stony road to successful FOTs  .pdf (1043485 B)
•    Stakeholder analysis  .pdf (281.2 KB)
•    Scaling up the results of evaluation  .pdf (451.3 KB)
•    Scaling up example: ISA UK .pdf (770.8 KB)
•    Background: paper Humanist .pdf (273.2 KB)
•    Background: paper HFES .pdf (131.8 KB)

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