Impact Assessment and Scaling up, 28 May 2013

Working group leader:

Eline Jonkers, TNO, Email  

Documents for download:

 pdf 2_wp32_wg_impact_assessment_and_scaling_up_intermediate_report_v2

FOT-Net Webinar: Working Group on Impact Assessment and Scaling up Activities
28 May 2013 (14:00-15:00 CET)

One of the FOT-Net activities is to further enhance and revise the FESTA methodology for FOTs. To achieve this, two years ago FOT-Net launched five Working Groups (WGs) that look into a specific set of issues in FOTs. Among them the WG on Impact Assessment and Scaling up allows stakeholders to share and discuss experiences from past and current European and national Field Operational Tests (FOTs) in order to achieve commonly agreed positions on the topics of impact assessment and scaling up.
With this webinar Eline Jonkers from TNO (leader of the WG) will give an update on the WG on Impact Assessment and Scaling up activities. The following topics will be discussed in the webinar:

  • Achievements in 2011 and 2012
  • Current status of the WG: intermediate report, topics discussed and best practices
  • Future plans for remainder of 2013
  • Questions and discussion

Special emphasis will be put on the current status of the WG activities: topics like piloting, experimental set-up, integration of results and scaling up will be presented. This will be done by use of the intermediate report released by the WG.




At the moment the working group has 24 members. The members have experiences from different FOTs (European as well as national) and other related projects, such as euroFOT, TeleFOT, DRIVE C2X, Lavia, Aktiv, SafeSpot, Coopers, ISA, Prologue, FESTA, eIMPACT and FOTsis. If you want to contribute you are welcome to join the working group. Please send an email to

 Activities, planning, results, meetings:




Result (milestone)*

1. Define research questions** WG leader Q1 2012 List of topics and research questions the WG will work on
2. Invite members WG leader Q1 2012 List of members
3. Identify working items from FOTs and other projects, and literature WG leader with input from WG Q2 2012 List of working items
4. Make inventory of approaches in impact assessment and scaling up related to the research questions, issues encountered, etc. by interviewing experts from the WG WG leader with input from WG Q3 2012 – Document with approaches in projects, difficulties, lessons learned, etc.
– Interview reports
5. Identify best practices, issues, gaps in knowledge and recommendations for future work during round table in Vienna (ITS World Congress) WG Q4 2012 fotnet_report_round_table_impact_assessment_and_scaling_up_2012
6. Make plan on how to include findings in FESTA Handbook WG leader, review by all members WG Q1 2013 fotnet_2_wp32_wg_impact_assessment_and_scaling_up_intermediate_report_v2 (1)
7. Work on update FESTA Handbook, both by making changes as well as by adding information, based on best practices, lessons learned and recommendations from projects WG leader, possibly review Q2/Q3 2013 Draft update FESTA Handbook
8. Consolidate findings during round table in Tokyo (ITS World Congress) and finalize update of FESTA Handbook WG Q4 2013 – Report with minutes from round table
– Final update FESTA Handbook

*Additional milestones are status reports and stakeholder meetings and international workshops in M15, M21, M23, M34 and M35.

**As input for this step we use outcomes of D3.2, sections 4.1 and 5.10, and the newest version of the FESTA Handbook.


Download the Working Group Description