Third Stakeholders Meeting 27 January 2010 in Brussels

3rd FOT-Net Stakeholders Meeting on 27 January 2010 in Brussels

FOT-Net organised Third Stakeholders Workshop on Cooperative Systems FOTs
The event took place in Brussels on 27 January 2010

Open to all stakeholders from public and private sectors, the FOT networking platform supported by FOT-Net provides a benchmarking overview of the socio-economic potential of ICT based functions and systems for road transport all over Europe.

All stakeholder groups that play or will play an active and relevant role in existing and future National, European and Global FOTs should be involved in this important initiative.

The FOT-Net members regularly meet at European and international workshops and seminars, to identify working items addressing common experiences and problems related to the execution and outcome of FOTs and to find common solutions. The issues discussed reflect the stakeholders’ priorities with respect to FOT activities. These meetings gather representatives of the public and private sectors directly or indirectly interested in the results of the FOT activities at national, European or international level.

We invited all stakeholders to participate at the Third Stakeholders

When? On Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 10:00 – 17:00.

Where? In Brussels, at DIAMANT BRUSSELS, Bd. Reyers, 80, 1030 Brussels.

What? The workshop’s objectives were to:

  • Understand stakeholders’ expectations to regards to cooperative systems FOTs.
  • Contribute to the networking for cooperative systems FOTs.
  • Review current state of the art and FOT activities on cooperative systems.

Representatives of cooperative systems stakeholder’s groups were given the opportunity to present and compare their experiences and expectations of FOTs.

Download the report from here: FOT-Net_3rd stakeholders meeting minutes v1


00 – agenda

01 – FOT NET overview ERTICO

03 – VTEC FOT_NET_v3

04 – 100127_FOT-NeT_Stakeholder_WS_MS

05 – FOT-NETCopMobInfra 06 – 2010-01-27 PRE-DRIVE C2X Radusch Short

07 – CVIS1.1 for Cooperative Mobility Services

08 – FOTNet_20100127_Geistefeldt

09 – SPITS

10 – SwedishTestSite_presentation

11 – SCOREF-at-FOT-NET-Mtg-Bxl-20100127 FINAL


13 – innovITS ADVANCE FOT Workshop

14 – ITS Test site Finland_inBrief

15 – FOT-Net _Joint working items_ERT 270110 DRAFT IS

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