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Towards a common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots

date 02/09/2016
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The objective of the workshop “A common methodology for road automation FOTs and pilots” was to discuss the current FESTA methodology focusing on how it could be adapted to automation pilots that will be launched in […]

FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting on Data Sharing Activities: One month to go!

date 02/02/2016
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The FOT-Net Data project is organising a one-day meeting with stakeholders to discuss opportunities for sharing and re-using data. The goal is to provide information about current FOT-Net Data activities and tools, enabling stakeholders to use them when carrying […]

SHRP2 – the most re-used NDS dataset worldwide

date 01/20/2016
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The world largest Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) dataset SHRP2 has been open for data re-use since one year now. In January 2015, the project entered into a new phase, when the original project that collected […]

FESTA Handbook to inspire the work of the (Automation) Impact Assessment Subgroup within the Trilateral ITS Cooperation

date 01/19/2016
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Automation in Road Transportation Working Group (ART WG) of the Trilateral (EU-US-JPN) ITS Cooperation formed a new subgroup for Impact Assessment (IA) last spring. The aim of this subgroup is to create a harmonized high-level […]

Towards a common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots

date 11/27/2015
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Automated vehicles can be defined as those in which aspect of a safety-critical control function, such as steering or braking, are perfomed by the vehicle without direct driver input. Automated vehicles, either authonomous or connected, are […]

FOT-Net Data discussed connected vehicle data in Bordeaux

date 10/12/2015
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In order to exchange information on FOTs and data sharing, the FOT-Net Data project held an International Workshop in Bordeaux on Monday 5 October, right before the opening ceremony of the ITS World Congress 2015. […]

Have a look at the new FOT-Net Data newsletter!

date 09/21/2015
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Fresh from the oven! The new FOT-Net Data newsletter contains lots of interesting information for transport researchers and practitioners. Among the highlights of this issue are an introduction to the NordicWay C-ITS pilot and the […]

International collaboration necessary to enhance data anonymisation

date 09/11/2015
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Personal data collected in FOTs such as video and GPS, require a high level of data protection. Experts from Europe and the US, industry and academia, discussed with some 50 participants trends, possibilities and challenges. […]

Finland joins a Nordic connected vehicle pilot

date 07/15/2015
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The Finnish Transport Agency, Trafi and Nokia HERE have signed an agreement on June 29, 2015, on a three-year pilot project, NordicWay, Coop. During the project, cars will utilize the mobile network to share specific […]

FOTSIS project finishes, exploitation plans don’t

date 07/14/2015
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After four years of activity, the FOTSIS final event marked the end of the project. It was held on 27-28 April 2015 at the OHL Concesiones premises in Madrid and it attracted around 70 people […]