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Presentations available

date 03/19/2014
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Presentations are now available for download: FOT-Net final event 18 March 2014, Amsterdam First FOT-Net Data workshop 19 March 2014, Amsterdam  

FOT-Net workshop – Lessons learned from Pilots on Cooperative Systems

date 03/01/2014
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FOT-Net workshop – Lessons learned from Pilots on Cooperative Systems

In the 8th edition of the Stakeholders Workshops, which took place in Brussels on 26 February, FOT-Net took a closer look at what can be learned from past, current and recently launched pilots on Cooperative […]

Revised FESTA Handbook 2014

date 02/28/2014
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The revised FESTA handbook is now available. This is revision 5, dated 28-02-2014. It can be downloaded from here

Join the FOT-Net photo competition!

date 02/20/2014
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Send us your best picture representing a FOT, a FOT-related event or an image that captures the spirit of FOT-Net. We will print selected photos and during the lunch-break, the audience of the final conference […]

FOT-Net2: From research question towards deployment

date 02/14/2014
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The final brochure of the FOT-Net2 project is now available for download on the website.

FOT-Net wiki: new features!

date 02/01/2014
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FOT-Net Wiki updates The FOT-Net Wiki has recently been updated to feature as “FOT of the month” the new Co-Gistics pilot project that was launched in January 2014. CO-GISTICS will deploy 5 cooperative services for logistics: Intelligent […]

FOT-Net in Thinking Highways

date 01/14/2014
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FOT-Net Data kick-off

date 12/12/2013
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  Download press release PRESS RELEASE 12 December, 2013 EU support for sharing field operational test data The European Commission has granted funding for the FOT-Net Data project, whose main aim is to make traffic […]

10th FOT-Net Stakeholder workshop on Naturalistic Driving Studies

date 11/26/2013
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Brussels 26 November 2013, 9:30 – 17:30 ERTICO – ITS Europe, Avenue Louise 326, Brussels Download the full report  .pdf This workshop was organised in collaboration with the UDRIVE project. More information about UDRIVE may be […]

Special session Analysing the outcomes of FOTs

date 11/13/2013
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Back to back with the ITS World Congress in Tokyo, the FOT-Net project held a special session: Analysing the outcomes of FOTs. Adrian Zlocki (IKA) presented experience and lessons learned on data analysis for large scale […]