Cooperative Driving Services: COMeSafety2 and iMobilitySupport

Cooperative Driving Services and the corresponding systems have now reached a significant level of maturity, allowing stakeholders to announce the launch of Day 1 services from 2015. Cooperative Driving Services are expected to increase significantly road safety and to provide smart applications to road users, while reducing the impact of emissions.


A set of cooperative services has been specified and for most of them implemented and tested by pilot projects. In order to evaluate the benefit of these Cooperative Services, a survey has been designed by 2 projects supported by the European Commission: COMeSafety2 and iMobilitySupport.


iMobility is pleased to invite you to run through this survey by visiting the following link:


Running the survey does not take more than 15 minutes but you will provide a tremendous help to improve road safety. Deadline for submitting is 30 September 2013.


For any question about the questionnaire, please contact François