Dissemination guide for FOTs

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One of the main objectives of FOT-Net dissemination activities is to promote the progress, findings and results of various Field Operational Tests carried out at European and national level. FOT-Net has developed a range of dissemination tools and services which the FOT projects can use to increase the visibility of their FOT results at European level. These services and tools are presented in the FOT-Net guide to dissemination for FOT projects in Europe.  This guide provides an overview of the main FOT-Net dissemination tools, including the website, newsletter, Wiki and brochure, as well as some tips on the types of events that can be of interest to FOTs for dissemination purposes. The guide explains how and why the FOTs should make use of the FOT-Net tools and services. The FOT-Net guide to dissemination for FOT projects in Europe can be downloaded from the FOT-Net website.