European Action Plan: fostering deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems

On 16 December 2008, the European Commission adopted the Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe. The main objective is to accelerate and coordinate the deployment of ITS in road transport on a European level, safeguarding interoperability of services and systems in Europe.

The Action Plan describes proposed activities in 6 priority areas:

1. Optimal use of road, traffic and travel data
2. Continuity of traffic and freight management ITS services on European transport corridors and in conurbations
3. Road Safety and security
4. Integration of the vehicle into the transport infrastructure
5. Data security and protection, and liability issues
6. European ITS cooperation and coordination

Several proposed actions call implicitly for Field Operation Test programmes, e.g. action 4.2 ‘development and evaluation of cooperative systems’ or action 6.2 ‘development of a decision-support toolkit for investment decisions in ITS applications’ which should include quantified evaluation of the economic, social, financial and operational impact of these applications.

The Action Plan and related documents can be found here.