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A tool for and by the FOT community!!


The FOT-Wiki is a free living encyclopedia of FOTs (Field Operational Tests) that anyone can edit:
it is a tool “for and by” the FOT community.

FOTs carried out around the world are an invaluable source of scientific data.

The FOT catalogue – set up as a wiki tool maintained by the FOT community – serves as a reference for all FOT organisers. The FOT Wiki is a growing source of information on FOT projects in Europe (national and European) and across the world.

The FOT wiki includes also an inventory of tools for FOTs. In the near future it will include a catalogue and description of available datasets. FOT-Net will work together with data owners to bring more data available.
The FOT-Net Wikis can be accessed and modified freely by the FOT network. All experts and stakeholders are invited to share their FOT knowledge by contributing to the Wiki!

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