Wuerzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences

Wuerzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences




The WIVW (Wuerzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences) employs an interdisciplinary team that is specialized on developing driving simulation and using it for research and training. All employees are scientifically qualified. Therefore, the company has know-how in the areas of psychology, ergonomics, engineering and computer sciences.

The Wuerzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences has over 10 years of experience in assembling driving simulators. The company itself operates several simulators: Two fixed-base simulators, two simulators with motion platform and several small simulators consisting of a single PC. All simulators are based on the Driving simulation software SILAB, which was developed by the company, in close contact with its users. It offers high flexibility concerning scalability, scenario design, measuring techniques, data recording and general usability.

The close relation to the IZVW at the University of Wuerzburg guarantees a longtime competence in conducting research in the area of traffic sciences.