OHL Concesiones



OHL Concesiones is one of the leading companies in the international market for public private partnership projects, sector in which has become a strategic player in the promotion of transport infrastructure in all its forms:

  • Toll Roads
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Ports

The accumulated experience as one of the main investors and operators in the sector, has made possible the introduction of a new line of business in Operation and Maintenance of infrastructure, that offers to private investors and public administrations comprehensive services:

  • Consulting, supervision and coordination or management of the infrastructures in all phases of the contract.
  • Technology transfer and in-house systems which ensure control of the operations and management of contractual risks optimally.

The company participates and directly operates a total of 16 main concessions developed in Spain and Latin America, priority destinations of our investment. Furthermore, OHL Concesiones is reference shareholder with 19% stake of Abertis, first dealership worldwide.

OHL Concesiones is project coordinator of the FOTSIS project