Literature study on the state of the art of probe data systems in Europe

Sandford Bessler and Thomas Paulin from FTW are the authors of the report that has now been finalised and is available on the FOT-Net website by clicking here. The report provides an overview of research findings, experiences, and lessons learned on the development and deployment of probe data systems in Europe (and specific regions).  A mapping is made of both public and private stakeholders, and the supply chain is analysed. The ongoing developments in standardisation of probe data, especially in the standardisation bodies ISO, SAE and ETSI, are described.  Existing applications and services, which can be enabled by using probe data, are discussed; examples are the provision of traffic information to drivers and information about the status of the pavement to road operators. An inventory is made of European, regional and national projects and initiatives that are concerned with probe data, such as cooperative system FOTs. Commercial products and services are also described. Finally the challenges identified in the litterature are addressed: open issues on flexibility, accuracy, scalability, timeliness, privacy, ownership of data, and costs