New Road Safety Knowledge System launched by DaCoTA team


Introducing the new DaCoTA Road Safety Knowledge System


The DaCoTA EU Project Team and the European Commission are delighted to introduce the new Road Safety Knowledge System website.  We aim to make this accessible to the Road Safety Community internationally and to inform and to share the benefits of this research with the widest range of people – policy-makers, police, rescue and medical services, road systems designers, vehicle manufacturers, the insurance industry, infrastructure project organisations, transport user groups and representatives.  Over the coming weeks, new content will be periodically released on a wide range of topics:


  • Safety Issues presenting state of the art information on road safety topics such as specific road user groups, hazardous behaviour, post-crash care and e-safety, road safety measures and policy issues.
  • Country tool presenting countryoverviews, forecasts and indexes compares countries in the European Union.
  • Statistics presenting annual statistical reports, basic fact sheets, crash data, exposure data, performance indicators, attitudes and driver self-reported behaviour, and causation information.
  • The Methods Section will present data specifications and data gathering protocols.
  • Links from A to Z provide key links and summaries of a large number of organisations involved in road safety.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offer insights into key questions on road safety and link you to material on the website that can help you to define strategies and improve safety.