Seventh Framework Programme: ICT for Mobility

Under the ICT priority of the Seventh Framework Programme, a call is currently open for the objective on ‘ICT for safety and energy efficiency in mobility’. The total EC budget for this objective within the current call is 53 million €. Deadline for submitting proposals is 01/04/2009. The call covers the following target outcomes:

  • ICT for intelligent vehicle systems for further improving road safety and overall performance of transportation systems, e.g. advanced in-vehicle safety systems, systems supporting autonomous driving, advanced methods for traffic situation detection and communication;
  • ICT for clean and efficient mobility for further improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions in all modes of transport, e.g. new tools for eco-driving based on on-board systems and/or cooperative infrastructure and energy-optimised adaptive traffic management technologies; methods to assess the impact of advanced ICT in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction;
  • Coordination and support actions: common research agenda for energy efficiency through international cooperation; awareness and dissemination support for Intelligent Car Initiative and eSafety Forum through standardisation support and common showcase for cooperative systems.

The call text can be found here.