FESTA Methodology from the perspective of Cooperative Systems, 10 November 2011

Webinar: FESTA Methodology from the perspective of Cooperative Systems


FOT-Net has been in place for over three years as the networking platform for stakeholders involved or interested in FOTs. The European Commission has confirmed funding for another 3 years. While the focus so far was mainly on building up the FOT network and promoting the FESTA methodology, this new phase explicitly addresses issues raised by the FOT network which need common European positions.

The FESTA methodology has been further refined, based on recent FOT experiences and on input collected from seminars organised by FOT-Net. FOT-Net has revised and adapted the FESTA methodology for FOTs on ADAS, nomadic devices, cooperative systems and naturalistic driving. Subsequent to this revision five new expert working groups will be created to clarify critical topics related to legal and ethical issues, data analysis, incident definition, impact assessment, and data sharing.


To know more about FOT-Net visit: http://www.fot-net.eu/


The webinar will present the main revisions that were made to the FESTA Handbook and discuss how the newly revised FESTA Handbook can be applied to FOTs on cooperative systems.



  • David Sánchez, Active Safety Responsible Electronics, HMI and ITS CTAG
  • Oliver Sawade, Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS)



  • Maxime Flament, Head of Sector SafeMobility, ERTICO – ITS Europe


Download the presentation: .pdf (1 MB)