FOT-Net 2 Deliverables


D1.2 Final report pdf.pdf (2,0MB)
D2.1 Field Operational Tests Catalogue pdf.pdf (2,0MB)
D2.2 Report on FOT Network activities pdf.pdf (2,9MB)
D3.2  working group additions to FOT methodology pdf.pdf (1.7MB)
D4.3 Report on Seminar Contributions to FESTA Revision pdf.pdf (0,4MB)
D5.1 Tools for FOT pdf.pdf (1,2MB)
D7.4 Update Dissemination guide for FOT projects pdf.pdf (3,4MB)


D4.2 Report on FOT-Net seminars pdf.pdf(1,6 MB)
D6.2 Stakeholders needs analysis pdf.pdf (2,1MB)
D7.2 FOT-Net leaflet pdf .pdf (0,9MB)
D7.11 Final FOT-Net2 Brochure pdf .pdf(883.4 KB)


D3.1 FOT Methodology (Revised version) pdf .pdf(4.7 MB)
D4.1 FOT seminar planning pdf .pdf(0,3 MB)
D6.1 Tools for Stakeholder Needs Analysis pdf .pdf(0,4 MB)
D7.1 Dissemination and Awareness Strategy pdf .pdf(2.2 MB)
D7.2 Project leaflet pdf .pdf(0,4 MB)
D7.3 Project presentation pdf .pdf(1.7 MB)
D7.3 Project presentation (Factsheet) pdf .pdf (0,8 MB)