ITS European Congress 2013: Joint FOT-Net – UDRIVE Special Interest Session, Dublin, 5 June 2013

(SIS 21) Synergy between naturalistic driving studies and field operational tests

ITS European Congress, Dublin, 05 June 2013 (16:00 – 17:30)

Wicklow Meeting Room 5

In Field operational Tests and Naturalistic Driving Studies, detailed information is gathered about drivers’ everyday driving behaviour. Where FOTs focus on evaluation of systems and functions, and NDS on driver behaviour, both types of research are complementary. In order to study the effects of introducing Intelligent Transport Systems, a detailed understanding is needed about how drivers drive under normal conditions, requiring unobtrusive observation in natural settings.
In the revision of the FOT methodology (FESTA), explicit attention has been given to extend the methodology to NDS. On a practical level, the studies face the same challenges in recruitment of participants, data collection and data analysis, especially the analysis of video data. Also in the design of the studies, commonalities are shared in the methodology, such as charting the context (stakeholders, topics selection, dissemination and identification of constraints) and defining the research questions. In this special session we will have presentations from speakers involved in the development of FESTA, in the European support action FOT-Net and the European NDS project UDRIVE. We will discuss the following topics: designing FOTs and NDS, ethical and legal issues in participants’ recruitment and involvement, definition of events, data analysis, the use of video. A panel discussion will be held on the questions what both types of study can learn from each other and how data and results can be shared.

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Introduction, Yvonne Barnard, ERTICO – ITS Europe

SIS21 Introduction

Research Questions and Hypotheses in FOTs and ND Studies, Oliver Carsten, University of Leeds

SIS21 Carsten 

Study Design of NDS with examples from UDRIVE, Martin Baumann, DLR

SIS21 Baumann

Data analysis issues for FOT/NDS experiences, Adrian Zlocki, IKA

SIS21 Zlocki

Events: safety critical? Identification of relevant events in NDS and FOTs, Rob Eenink, SWOV

SIS21 Eenink

Stakeholder-Needs-Analysis, Actions linking FOTs to deployment, Eike A. Schmidt, BASt

SIS21 Schmidt