Second Stakeholders Meeting, Brussels, 21 April 2009

FOT-Net Second Stakeholders Workshop


Achievements of the FOT Network platform and meeting objectives Maxime Flament ERTICO- ITS Europe  .pdf (1.1 MB)
FOTs role in the scope of the ITS Action Plan Wolfgang Höfs, European Commission  .pdf (511.4 KB)
Stakeholders’ experiences and expectations of FOTsHow do Public Authorities use FOT results: Examples from Dutch Policy Best Practices Gerben Bootsma RijkswaterstraatToine Molenschot, City of The Hague  .pdf (2.2 MB).pdf

(2.4 MB)



What can FOTs bring to the Industry: FOTs added value in the promotion of eSafety technologies John-Fredrik Grönvall, Volvo Cars  .pdf (2.5 MB)
What do Users want from FOTs: users organisations involvement in FOTs and expectations  Ferry Smith, ANWB  .pdf (157.6 KB)
What does a FOT bring to the Research arena: Lessons learnt from the LAVIA and ISA UK FOTs  Jacques Ehrlich, LCPCOliver Carsten, University of Leeds  .pdf (2.2 MB) .pdf (397.8 KB)

Date: 21 April 2009

Place: Hotel Bedford, Brussels

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