3rd FOT-Net Data Newsletter released!

Highlights of this newsletter:

  • FOT-Net’s Data Sharing Framework presents data protection recommendations and the data and metadata description documents for your review by 31 March 2015!
  • FOT-Net Data compiles first European data catalogue for driving studies and field trial. The datasets included will be available for further research work and described in reasonable detail for potential re-users.
  • FOTs are for all types of transport: trucks, bicycles, reindeer.
  • Learn about the FESTA methodology in the FOT-Net Data Webinars.

In her editorial, FOT-Net Data Project Officer, Myriam Coulon-Cantuer of DG CONNECT Smart Cities and Sustainability, talks about new ITS projects under the H2020 programme. Ms Coulon-Canteur says: “For the projects that are going to collect data, it is important that they prepare from the very beginning the way they are going to make their data available. FOT-Net Data provides recommendations on how this can be realised.” She also refers to the start of large-scale field tests and pilots of automated vehicles in the coming years. To support this new wave of FOTs, valuable knowledge about human behaviour in traffic is to be found in the data that has been gathered over the years.

This third edition of the FOT-Net Data newsletter puts Australian FOTs and a Finnish FOT in the spotlight. It provides an update of the FOT-Net Data project, more specifically of the Data Sharing Framework process and of the FOT-Net Data Catalogue. “Data Sharing In Practice” zooms in a project “FOT data meets bridge design guidelines” by a Swiss PhD candidate, and Mats Johnsson from NetPort reports on Open data in cities. FOTsis and UDRIVE provide project updates. The newsletter looks back on the first series of FESTA Webinars organised by FOT-Net Data and reflects on the FOT-Net Data Workshop on Data Re-use that took place in Barcelona in December 2014. The newsletter also reports on the International Cycling Safety Conference in November 2014. To conclude, the newsletter presents the upcoming events and introduces 2 new FOT-Net Data Associated Partners.