Data Analysis

Working group leader:

Adrian Zlocki, IKA, Email 

Documents for download:


The participants of the working group will be supporting partners from the FOTNET consortium, such as BASt, SAFER, CTAG and TNO.

Furthermore the goal is to invite colleges from evaluation work packages of other FOT/NDS projects.
Currently there is no list yet collected. This will naturally be the first step.

 Activities, planning, results, meetings:





Result (milestone)

1. Collect relevant issues on data analysis from FOTNET deliverable 3.2.
The focus of the work will be on the complete data analysis chain (transfer, quality check, verification, enrichment, pre-processing, filtering, analysis) with the approaches used in conducted FOTs and NDSs (euroFOT, Telefot, semiFOT, US Fots etc.)
WG leader February 2012 Desktop Work List of issues
2. Conduct bilateral discussions with experts Data analysis experts and WG June 2012 Telephone interviews, physical meetings New input on data analysis methodology
3. Derive recommendations on data analysis WG leader and core group Fall 2012 Desktop work, telephone conference List of recommendations
4. Revise the FESTA approach based on the results, taking into account the experiences gathered in conducted FOTs and NDSs WG leader and core group January 2013 Desktop work, telephone conference Draft proposal
5. Common workshop in form of a webinar or as a side meeting of a conference in which some of the experts will participate (if applicable). Data analysis experts and WG Spring 2013, e.g. ITS European Congress Webinar or physical meeting
6. Consolidation of the findings will be performed and final recommendation will be documented WG leader and core group October 2013 Desktop work, telephone conference Final report on data analysis


Download the WG description:  .pdf (55.4 KB)