FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting on Open Data and Data Re-use in Horizon 2020, Brussels, 10 March 2015

Venue: ERTICO, Blue Tower, Avenue Louise 326, Brussels

Date: 10 March 2015

In this stakeholder meeting we  discussed issues on open data and data re-use. FOT-Net Data aims to support data sharing, both in existing projects and in new projects in the Horizon 2020 programme.  The work on the data sharing framework and the collaboration with the US-DOT was presented.

The meeting  addressed three main topics:

  • The way in which the new projects in Horizon 2020 will deal with open data and can profit from re-using data gathered in earlier projects. Also recommendations on open data for new proposals will be discussed.
  • Practices and initiatives in data sharing and open data and in the US and Europe
  • The work that FOT-Net Data is performing on the data sharing platform and the data catalogue

Everyone with an interest in sharing and re-using data and in Field Operational Tests was cordially invited to attend this event, free of charge. We especially liked to welcome stakeholders from the newly awarded H2020 projects and stakeholders that are preparing H2020 proposals in order to discuss issues with open data, and the possibilities for sharing project data and for re-using existing data.



Download the full report here


10:00 Opening and introduction on FOT-Net Data
  • New H2020 projects, data they will gather, potential for re-use:
  • ITS Observatory
  • SafetyCube
  • Big Data Europe project
11:20 Recommendations and best practices for data sharing in new projects, the FOT-Net Data sharing Platform Helena Gellerman (SAFER): download presentation Data sharing
11:40 The data protection concept in UDRIVE, the European Naturalistic Driving Study Nicole van Nes (SWOV, project coordinator UDRIVE): download presentation UDRIVE
12:00 Data sharing in the US Ram Kandarpa (Booz Allen Hamilton): download presentation Data sharing in the US
13:30 European activities in Smart Cities, from a data perspective (sharing/reuse/ownership/privacy) Anne Deltour (European Commission, DG Connect, coordinating Smart Cities): download presentation Smart Cities
13:50 Open data in cities, experiences from different cities and regions
14:20 Open data:

  • the European Open Data Portal and Open Data Support
  • the H2020 Pilot on Open Research Data
15:15 FOT Data Catalogue Satu Innamaa (VTT): download presentation FOT-Net Data catalogue
15:30 DRIVEC2X, Compass4D and FOTsis, what type of data did they collect and what could they offer?
16:00 Discussion on H2020 projects and proposals: how to ensure open data and data sharing? Panel discussion with stakeholders
16:40 Conclusions and wrap-up Yvonne Barnard (ERTICO – ITS Europe) and Sami Koskinen (VTT)