FOT-Net Data at the ITS World Congress

FOT-Net Data participated in the world’s largest intelligent transport event held in North America. On the opening day, FOT-Net organized an international workshop in collaboration with the U.S. DOT. Project partners also participated in the Data Management Strategies session (TS93), which took place on Thursday, September 11, 2014, against the backdrop of the ITS World Congress recently held in Detroit.

Yvonne Barnard (ERTICO ITS Europe), unfolded FOT-Net Data’s contribution to boosting FOTs data sharing and re-use.  In turn, VTT researcher and project coordinator Sami Koskinen focused his presentation on how summaries can be generated based on Field Operational Test Data.

Both the presentations and a technical paper can be downloaded here:

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Slides: Platform for sharing data from Field Operational Tests Yvonne Barnard  pdf
Paper: Generating Summaries from Field Operational Test Data Sami Koskinen  pdf
Slides: Generating Summaries from Field Operational Test Data Sami Koskinen  pdf



*During the Congress, Sami Koskinen received the Best Technical Paper Award for the European region. His paper “Generating Summaries from Field Operational Test Data” involved the calculation of key performance indicators related to the driving behaviour of motorists.

The calculation methods proposed by Koskinen make it easier to analyse large masses of data up to terabytes in size. Field trials for intelligent transport solutions involve the collection of large amounts of measurement data from vehicles, therefore analysing such data is a laborious task.

The paper was developed within the framework of the DRIVE C2X, a European project with strong links with FOT-Net Data.

*Picture made by Leif Beilinson